June last year was an unbelievable month of good weather. I think we will be talking about it for years. However, just because last year was incredible did not mean that this year would be the same. June started wet …it rained and rained for days at the beginning of the month. My husband says I am prone to over exaggeration and that it didn’t rain that much! I disagree.
The reality of running holiday accommodation in Ireland is that you are not targeting a market that want a sun tan but our weather is so varied that in one day you do need a raincoat, a sweater and a sun hat! On days when the weather does make being outdoors more of a challenge it is important to know of activities that are on which are indoors and also give visitors an enjoyable experience. Recently visitors spent the day in Downpatrick finding out about St Patrick, exploring Saul and the St Patrick’s centre and the Cathedral in Downpatrick. St Patrick is a global icon and for many a real draw to the island of Ireland. Downpatrick is a 40 minute drive along the coast so a really easy day trip for guests to take.
The result of the rain was an actual explosion of green growth all round the site. I could actually feel things growing round me. The weeds of course were abundant sprouting up absolutely everywhere and the grass just took off. (Mark hates cutting grass!) Looking after our outdoor space is just as important as having the beds made and floors mopped, but it does add extra work into our schedule. (When I say “our” that usually means Mark!)
Each season has different highlights for sure, bracken and foxgloves along The Mill Race path make this walk a totally different experience to other times of the year as it becomes tunnel like. You cannot help but reach out and feel the bracken as you walk along the path. Having this access to nature and seeing the change in the flora and fauna is something that has been a real learning experience for me. It is fascinating to see the subtle and not so subtle changes that happen all around us. It’s lovely that we’ve had returning guests who have visited and seen The Green look different because of the change of season. They too enjoy seeing and feeling the difference in our outdoor spaces.

A major investment this month was getting our WIFI sorted out. We had WIFI in the houses but we were not happy with the coverage that we had. Enter a knight in a white van! Richard Gawith from Support IT came to our aid. I’d met Richard at a networking event at Life Adventure in Castlewellan and he has sorted out our WIFI across the site. This means that all our guests have the option of WIFI if they want it during their stay.

Although the month did start wet the end was beautiful. We have Pilates three times a week at The Green and when the weather is good we have the class on the grass in the garden. It is a lovely experience to be outside for this hour (even though Vicky does make sure we all have a good work out!). One of the evenings we were outside the sun was shinning and I could hear some of our younger guests playing in the river as we did our exercise class in the garden. It was an idyllic sound with birds singing, children squealing excitedly as they paddled in the cold water and the sound of the river running past. Its hard to describe the feeling but it was a lovely moment and one that I try to keep in my head. There is so much of what we are doing that is new to both of us that it can be daunting and overwhelming at times. Taking time to savour and celebrate the successes is really important.
Roll on July – rain, hail or shine The Green Holiday Cottages is your premiere holiday destination – with a guarantee that you will get at least one!